Sherron and Stacy Hogg, the two founders of the Sharon Randolph foundation have turned grief into glory.

Sherron and Stacy started their breast cancer foundation in 2004 after losing their mother to “the fight” on June 16, 2000.

Throughout Sharon Randolph’s two year fight, the two sisters found themselves unprepared and uneducated with regard to how they could help their mother regain her natural state of vibrancy and emotional health. Their mission is to increase awareness and early prevention. Accomplishing this will save many lives and ensures that more women live longer, vibrant, and healthier lives.

The Sharon Randolph Foundation has three components that were created based on actual experiences with their mother; the Mammogram, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement and Hardship Programs.

Because of her generous heart and spirit, Sherron and Stacy desire to help and are committed to touching the lives of breast cancer patients in their mother’s name. They want to help others face the life challenges cancer brings, with dignity and wisdom.

They know that their mother would have it no other way. Great advances are being made in treatment and preventative measures; however, continued work is essential to help over 850,000 Californians affected by cancer each year.