Our Programs

The Sharon Randolph Foundation created three programs that address lifestyle challenges based on Sharon Randolph's actual life experiences…


Hair Replacement Program

For women who are losing their hair as a result of chemotherapy, the foundation offers non-surgical hair replacement services as an alternative to wearing a wig. The Sharon Randolph Foundation partnered with XO Hair Alternatives to provide this state of the art hair replacement option free of charge to women who otherwise would not be able to afford the system.


Early Detection Program

Designed to encourage and assist women in their 30′s to regularly perform self breast examinations at home and have mammograms before the recommended age of 40. Sharon Randolph was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer at 44 years of age. Early detection would have enabled her to live a longer, healthier life. It is a fact that with early detection women are able to prevent the major complications and extensive suffering caused by this disease. Our early mammogram program will assist uninsured women under the age of 40 by referring them to a facility affiliated with the Sharon Randolph Foundation where they can receive the gift of time, which is early detection. With your help, we can save lives.


Hardship Program

This Program was created with one concern in mind; the daily challenges of women undergoing cancer treatment. The treatment itself violates and restricts the lifestyle of each patient differently, but too often these wonderful women find it difficult to pay for what most of us consider basic necessities. Most of them find that treatment is something they overcome one day at a time.

At the Sharon Randolph Foundation, our endeavor is to aide them in maintaining a strong sense of “self” that enables them to conquer the treatment process with a sense of dignity and pride. the Hardship Program provides vouchers for rent, medication and basic necessities, i.e. groceries and utility bills, to patients that qualify for the assistance. A less stressed patient is a healthier patient.